How it Works

Need a little help visualizing how Luvali Reversible Handbags work? We’re happy to help, just check out the info and pictures on this page, and if you still have questions feel free to e-mail us at [email protected].

Step 1: Choose your base bag
Base bags are available in 4 sizes: Chic, Classic, Tote, and Messenger. Each of these bags will accept any Luvali slip of the same size, meaning you can have dozens of different styles with one single purse!

Step 2: Choose your reversible slip
Each Luvali reversible slip is, well, reversible! This allows you to easily choose your style without having to deal with the headache of changing your bag. Check out our reversible slips collection for a wide array of two-sided styles.

Step 3: Un-zip, flip, and re-zip!
Looking to flip your style inside out? It’s easy as can be with Luvali, simply unzip your current slip, flip it inside out and place back around your base bag, and re-zip for a brand new style!