About Us

Shirley and Jacqueline are a mother and daughter team with a passion for design, a drive to create and a love for working together. Our products are convertible, reversible, changeable…and truly lovely or “luvali”.

While packing for a much needed vacation, we were struggling with too many handbags and too many shoes! Our suitcases just wouldn’t close. Needless to say, a second suitcase was required since going with one handbag and one pair of shoes just wasn’t an option. It was at that moment that the entrepreneurial light bulb went on. Why not create one handbag with interchangeable slipcovers (we call them slips) that can change with your wardrobe, your mood or the season? Bring one handbag, lots of REVERSIBLE slips and you have many looks, day or night, for your vacation or your cruise! To top it off, no need to empty your contents to change your handbag AND if your handbag gets soiled, just slide on another slip or reverse it - fabulous!!

After countless visits to fabric stores and many late night tea parties, Luvali Convertibles was born (and so were Jacqueline and Shirley as newfound mompreneurs and grandmapreneurs respectively)!

We have since been inspired to expand Luvali Convertibles by the little people in their lives - Ali, Jack and Owen. Luvali has grown to include some wonderful convertible, reversible and changeable items for babies and kids at Luvali Baby & Kids. So unique, delightful and charming – we know you’ll just “luv” ‘em.